Hi,  I’m Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group. Dealmaker365 (previously Sales20Network) is where I’ve been blogging since 2010 about all things sales and sales technology.

I have a fundamental belief that Sales makes the world go around, and that sales professionals are underserved when it comes to professional training and development.  I don’t believe the traditional sales training model works, and I think dramatic improvements can be made.

Technology has not been used well to serve the sales person.  As a consequence, sales performance is usually sub-optimal.  I started this quest, back in 2005 when I put together a team of people to develop Dealmaker – the intelligent sales software application.  My hypothesis was that if you made it easy to use and measure the effectiveness of sales methodology, then more people might use it – if the results proved out the point.

Along the way, my company purchased the sales methodology division of Oracle, who at that timed owned the IP to the Target Account Selling methodology.  We baked TAS into Dealmaker, added some AI-based smart reasoning, and brought that to market.  So far, it seems to be working for our customers.  According to the Aberdeen Group, when customers use our solutions, 54% more reps make quota.

I recently moved by blog to http://www.thetasgroup.com/donal-daly-blog and, from January 2015, this is will where I will offer up my thoughts on a broad range of topics. The blog will succeed from your contribution and your input – so for this to survive and really add value, I need your help. My commitment is that I will make sure it does not become a place for self-aggrandizement or company-promotion.

Thanks for visiting.  Good selling!

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